Leather Bags

I recently bought a Konev leather compendium and it is a tealy green colour. I get numerous comments on its colour and pattern and just love it! I recommend any business person who is over the staid black branded compendiums go on into Konev and buy a lovely new classy one, or better still put it on your Christmas wish list.


With a strong history of quality workmanship and sophisticated styling, Konev bags are made in New Zealand leather to create elegant yet practical handbags, wallets, briefcases, mens bags and luggage. Stand out bags in stunning colours and styles that will take you anywhere.

Konev genuine NZ leather bags and wallets are stylish and functional, perfect for everyday or that special occasion. Leather bags for people who value style with quality they can depend on to last.

What kind of leather bag are you looking for?  Fashionable handmade leather goods, quality workmanship, unique designs are some of the qualities that people love about  Konev bags.


Collette - Stylish Leather Tote

Collette - Stylish Leather Tote

Leather Handbags

Choose your perfect handbag from the variety of styles, colours and patterns on offer. Konev’s products include leather purses and clutches, leather totes, leather satchels, messenger bags and leather shoulder bags.


Mens Leather Satchel Messenger Bag the Tekapo

Mens Leather Satchel Messenger Bag the Tekapo

Briefcases, Business Bags and Satchels

Leather briefcases, leather laptop bags and leather satchels for men and women are professional yet elegant and stylish. Well designed briefcases for men and women that provide lots of pockets and compartments for all your work needs. Well made with great attention to detail, your briefcase, business bag or satchel is also tough, strong and like a good friend will be with you for a very long time.

Leather compendiums in a variety of colours are also available.


Luggage Leather Travel Bag Wanaka

Luggage Leather Travel Bag Wanaka

Luggage and Travel Bags

Konev’s collection of leather luggage and travel bags includes travel wallets, leather toilet bags, carry-on cabin bags, and large overnight bags. Travel in true luxury with beautiful handmade leather travel accessories.

Tough and hard wearing the leather travel bags are robust and stylish making it the perfect travelling companion.


Leather Wallets For Women Nz Handmade

Leather Wallets For Women, Handmade


Leather wallets for men and women come in a variety of colours and designs. Konev wallets come with lots of space for credit cards. Choose a mens wallet with or without a coin pocket. Women’s wallets come in a range of colours, styles and exquisite leather embossed patterns.

Leather Laptop Bag, Kawa Business Bag

Leather Laptop Bag, Kawa Business Bag

Leather Laptop Bags

Protect your laptop in leather. Laptop bags made in hardwearing New Zealand leather made with a padded laptop pocket to provide additional protection for your laptop or iPad. New styles include a hands free satchel bag and a durable briefcase style bag with a detachable shoulder strap.


Men’s Leather Bags and Wallets

Men’s bags in leather come in a range of styles and colours. Included in the Konev range are leather satchels, briefcases, wallets, travel bags, briefcases and laptop bags. Designed for men they are strong and durable and ooze quality and style.

Konev Leather Bags

Stylish leather bags that display a strong attention to detail.

The leather bags are all carefully handcrafted and include:

  • Women's Bags: handbags, totes, clutches, wallets, briefcases and satchels for women
  • Mens Bag's: wallets, briefcases and satchels
  • Leather luggage: overnight and cabin bags, travel document wallets 
  • Leather Business Bags: briefcases, satchels, laptop bags and compendiums in a range of colours.

Konev Designs embody simplicity, fine lines and impeccable quality construction, opting for classical elegance and long lasting quality, over fast moving, throw-away trends.

Konev bags are stylish, functional and durable and made from high quality New Zealand full- grain leather. Designed in New Zealand by Konev,  the bags are beautifully made - leather bags that last for a very long time.

Multiple zip pockets, mobile phone holders and adjustable straps are some of the handy features Konev put into their bags.

The colour palette is rich and gorgeous. Konev bags have unique embossing patterns that create beautiful patterned leather giving the bags a unique textural look and feel.

Value for money

Konev bags are great value for money because they last such a long time. People enjoy the quality of the bag long after the price is forgotten.

Konev bags use top quality New Zealand leather and you can see and feel the difference. Good quality bags are an investment that last,  providing many years of use and enjoyment.

I so love my Green Konev leather bag for so many reasons. It’s the perfect size & weight to hang over my shoulder... hands free shopping, can’t beat it! There’s enough room for all my day to day needs, no room for clutter, easy access to my mobile phone yet discreet. An inner & outer zipped pocket means I don’t have to go on a search & rescue just to find that elusive lipstick, glasses or car keys etc  All in all a very stress free bag plus the never ending comments about the stunning colour & style that is so me.

I use it all the time & when I travel... because it’s so user friendly... None of this ‘saving it for a special occasion.’ Hey... every day is an occasion to get in behind & enjoy by surrounding yourself & using things you love! 

Love it, love it, love it... & my other wee Konev black leather slip over the wrist number! Taking both to Texas with me next week on a business trip.




New Zealand leather is quality leather

The  New Zealand leather in Konev bags is sourced from a reputable New Zealand tannery who supply naturally tanned leather hides and follow a policy of promoting sustainability and eco friendly practices.

Hides are sourced from well managed New Zealand farms that produce top quality leather. They have eco - friendly and energy conservation policies. Water based finishing chemicals are used to avoid unnecessary emission of solvent based products from the tannery. The leather is naturally tanned using a drum dying process which ensures the colour is impregnated through the leather and not just surface dyed.


I was left a small amount of money by my mother who passed away 3 months ago and I instantly knew that I wanted to buy the most beautiful but functional handbag to use every day and when I look at it and use it know I have my beloved Mum with me everyday.

I knew it had to be a Konev bag and I went to Ooma in Napier which has the most beautiful treasures and sure enough they had what I wanted.  I'm not sure what style it is but think it may be an older one as I couldn't find it on your website. It is brown reptile like leather, large enough to use everyday, outside zip pocket and plenty of pockets and places for bits and pieces inside - and I adore it and everyday when I pick it up I think of Mum and smile.

My Mum was a canny Scottish lady and saved hard and I know she never had a beautiful bag like this in the years after her marriage as children and mortgages took what money was earned and I know she would have delighted in this bag.  So Konev I want to thank you for a fitting reminder of 'My Mum'.



Hawkes Bay