About Us 

Konev has a long history of providing quality leather bags of style and sophistication. We are alll about classic styling with a bit of a quirky edge.  We think that when you invest in a leather bag you want it to last and Konev bags give you many years of use and enjoyment.   

A Konev bag is an extension of the personality and style of its owner. Every bag is  created to ensure that it will stand the test of time, giving you the performance you would expect from a quality  leather bag. Made from New Zealand leather, Konev designs embody simplicity, fine lines and impeccable quality construction.

So no matter where you may be heading to, you can rest assured that your Konev bag will age gracefully with you. It will help you travel to your favourite international destination, it will take you out for dinner or simply be at your side at work 5 days a week.  Konev is your trusted companion!

Who is Konev Leather?

Konev is a 100% New Zealand owned company founded in 1972 in Wellington with an exacting standard of leather workmanship.  The tradition of top quality leather bags made in beautiful New Zealand leather continues today. Konev has a strong brand with a reputation for delivering gorgeous leather bags that can be trusted to last for many years.

Bags from New Zealand leather

Konev is a New Zealand company proud of its reputation for providing quality bags that people love to own. All our bags and wallets use high quality fittings, zips and linings so you can be confident you are getting a superior product. Because Konev bags are made from genuine leather and no two hides are the same, every bag has a uniqueness about it.

New Zealand leather is quality leather

The  New Zealand leather in Konev bags is sourced from a TasmanTannery who supply naturally tanned leather hides and follow a policy of promoting sustainability and eco friendly practices.

Hides are sourced from well managed New Zealand farms that produce top quality leather. They have eco - friendly and energy conservation policies. Water based finishing chemicals are used to avoid unnecessary emission of solvent based products from the tannery. The leather is naturally tanned using a drum dying process which ensures the colour is impregnated through the leather and not just surface dyed.

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