Full Grain Leather – Why we use it?

If you’ve been shopping for leather products at Leather Bags NZ or in shops, you might of noticed that different brands and shops advertise different types of leather.

It’s more common for customers to focus on products that are tagged with ‘genuine leather’ and most aren’t all that familiar with ‘full grain leather’ or ‘top grain leather’.

Unfortunately the term ‘genuine leather’ has become a blanket phrase for any product that is ‘technically’ leather.

So, next time you’re browsing for leather products and especially if you’re looking for the best quality leather, you’ll want to keep an eye out for leather that’s labelled full grain or top grain.

What is full grain leather made of?

The full grain of an animal’s hide is where you’ll find the strongest and most durable parts. It has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed (as opposed to corrected) which means it displays more natural characteristics like color variations in leather textures for example!

Full grain leather is known as the strongest and most durable leather on the market. What’s more, the grain is so tight, it’s able to resist moisture more so than other leathers of leather.

It’s for this reason that we use full-grain leather for all of our bags and accessories, as it’s a high-quality material.

Here are 5 differences between top grain and full grain leather

  1. Quality – The highest quality grade of leather is full grain leather. It comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain.
  2. Cost – It is more expensive for manufacturers to buy and more difficult for them to work with. This is reflected in the higher prices that consumers have to pay.
  3. Aging – As full grain leather ages, it becomes more beautiful. The leather will become smooth and you will be able to see the different colors in it. People want this type of leather because it looks good and feels good.
  4. Durability – Full-grain leather is incredibly tough and durable, which is due to the natural gain containing the toughest fibers in the hide.
  5. Appearance – Leather that has not been treated is called “full grain.” This type of leather has a natural surface with unique markings.

How long will full grain leather last?

Leather that is called “full-grain” is the best and most durable kind. It can last more than 5 times as long as other fabrics, depending on how you use it. If it gets good care, it can last for decades, or even over 100 years in some cases.

Which is better top grain leather or full grain leather?

Top-grain leather is not as strong as full-grain leather. This is because when you sand the top layer of the leather, you also sand off the strong fibers in the hide. Full-grain leather has all of the layers of the hide, so it is stronger and more durable.

Does full grain leather peel?

No matter the quality of the leather, if it is not bonded together with other scraps of leather, it will not peel.

What animal is full grain leather?

Full grain leather can come from a lot of different animals, like goats, pigs, and sheep. But the most common type of leather comes from cow skin. All products listed on our website are made using cow hides.

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