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Leather is luxury. There is no doubt that luxury comes with a price. Leather is no different. Seen as one of the most luxurious items on the market, leather products come at a steep price. 

Why Choose Leather?

Leather items come with so many benefits. Not only is leather long-lasting, but it’s also easily repairable. In addition, leather is just naturally comfortable. 

Leather can be recycled as well. So when it’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new, you can rest assured that the product won’t be wasted. 

Help! My Leather Handbags Feel Sticky!

There are so many reasons why your bag could end up feeling sticky. Over conditioning or even spillage of some drink on it are all contributing factors. 

Getting rid of the sticky-ness isn’t as hard as it might seem… 

Use an appropriate cleaner and some paper towels to dab the stickiness away. Do not rub. Using the right products to maintain and take care of your leather bag will add to its lifespan and quality over time.

Mistakes Made When Caring for Leather

Leather products need different kinds of care. As a result, you might be making some mistakes when doing your usual leather-care routine.

Do not:

  • Use household cleaners

As leather has a slightly acidic pH level of 4.5, different dish soaps and household cleaners are highly damaging to the fibers of the leather. The result was cracked and dry leather. 

  • Excessively use saddle soap.

This is no longer the 1800s in which saddle soap was the main care item. Saddle soap has a high amount of fat, giving the leather a nice shine, but unfortunately, it doesn’t clean the leather. Dirt, grease, and oils stay behind when using saddle soap. When oils aren’t rinsed correctly, they will dry and accelerate harmful alkaline effects. This will damage the leather’s pH causing the bag to dry out and crack eventually. 

  • Strictly condition

Silky leather is the goal here, we know. Do, however, take care of the leather first. Only applying the conditioner with no prior cleaning could cause the pores to clog up and result in dry leather. The leather conditioner could even trap dirt and grime, making it harder to remove. Use a good leather cleaner before applying conditioner. This will keep your bag beautiful for longer. 

  • Use Water Only

Water can be damaging to leather in large amounts. Using only water will dry your bag out over time. It’s important to balance cleaner, conditioner, and water.  Leather spray can also be useful, but ensure you use it as instructed, which will usually be with warm water and thin layers!

How to Care for a Leather Bag

One could make so many possible mistakes when caring for such precious cargo. But, not to worry, we’ll help you make the right choices. 

What You’ll Need:

  • A soft, clean cloth
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Parchment paper or bubble wrap
  • Dust bag or a pillowcase

Cleaning your bag:

When you’re cleaning your leather handbag, be sure that your hands are clean. Leather bags are known to absorb grease and oil. However, you can do a quick cleaning every other day. Use a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth to sweep your leather bag briskly. Don’t use a lot of water. Leather takes time to dry. 

You can do a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. This will remove any dirt buildup. You can gently wipe down your leather bag with a cleaner made specifically for leather. Apply the cleaner in a circular motion. When done, wipe down the bag with a slightly damp cloth. This will prevent the pores of the leather from clogging. 

Cleaning your grease stains should be a priority when caring for your leather bag, but if you are afraid of what specific protective spray may do to your bag or the shape of your bag. Test out specific products on patent leather before you go for the real thing.

Conditioning your bag:

Think of the leather balsam as a moisturizer for your bag. This prevents leather from drying out over time. When applying the leather conditioner, use a soft cloth. The conditioner will prevent any flaking and wrinkling from long-term use. 

Take note of the weather conditions in your area. If your climate is quite dry and humid, you might need to apply a conditioner more often. You can apply conditioner up to once a month to keep your bag soft and supple. Conditioning products are essential if you often place their purse in direct sunlight or wear a textured leather bag!

Storing your bag:

Store your leather bag correctly will ensure that it stays intact for longer. Following the correct storing procedure is imperative to prevent damage that comes from long-term storage. Use parchment paper or bubble wrap to stuff your bag. This will ensure that it keeps its shape. Do not use newspapers. The ink will smear. 

For storage, place the leather bag into its original dust bag. Then keep it in its original box. Add a few silica gel packets to avoid dampness. Remember to air out your leather bag every two weeks or so. This will prevent any mold from growing. Many decide to get a weekend bag and a weekday leather protector to ensure that their most-used bags are always cared for enough.

A Side Note

Beware of water! Take extra precautions to ensure that the leather absorbs no water. If your bag gets wet, dab off any excess water as fast as you can. Drying the leather with a hairdryer should be avoided. Instead, let the bag air dry and apply a leather cream once dry. Stay away from any cleaning products that contain alcohol. These products will dry out and possibly discolor your bag. 

The Best Leather Bag Care

Following the correct leather care procedures will ensure that your bag stays beautiful. In addition, leather products are high maintenance and should be treated as such to avoid irreparable damage. A leather repair shop may be your best bet if you have left your patent leather or suede brush in the cupboard and have not cleaned your baby for too long! Remember, if you own a leather purse, the same rules apply!

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