Is a Real Leather bag worth it?

Many of us have those images of glamorous Celebrities or the chic dress sense of women from Italy, France, Monaco and the rest of Europe and wonder if those leather looking bags are truly top grain leather, or if they are strutting around with non-leather bags!

But, if we look closely at paparazzi photos hastily snapped, we will notice how their look appears “finished”.

Look closer at their so-called “Most classy person” front. More often than not, they will have a beautiful leather handbag.

Find your Leather Handbag or Synthetic Leather Bag Style!

Whether your style is casual, formal, elegant, sporty, street, boho or eclectic, there is a quality leather bag for you.

Find inspiration online – fashion blogs, celebrity gossip sites or magazines to help you picture the style of handbag you love.

If you are after a leather Nike satchel, a classic Kelly bag or a Chanel pouch, one thing is sure.

Your real leather bags will always be distinctive and timeless, these will also provide you with a sleek and elegant look.

Stylish women from Meghan Markle; Adele; Halle Berry; Jennifer Lopez; Amal Clooney, and Zendaya, to name but a few, all love their leather handbags and are frequently photographed sporting their favourite style bag, from chic little evening pouch or clutch bags to sporty satchels and large tote bags at the airport.

How to choose a leather bag?

Finding the perfect leather bag can be difficult because there are so many different types of leather bags available. You need to think about what you want the bag to do for you, like hold a lot of stuff or look stylish. You also need to think about the color and style you want, and how much money you want to spend.


The most important thing to remember about a bag is that it is meant to provide its wearer with a storage solution that is convenient for them. Our range of satchels, perfect for transporting laptops and books, to our traditional travel bags for all your essentials for a weekend away, come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what the bag is meant to be used for.


The size of a leather bag depends on what you want to use it for and your personal preference. Duffle, Weekender and Holdall bags are all roomy and can be used as overnight bags or hand luggage. Backpacks and Messenger bag designs are good if you want to carry only a few things with you.


Depending on the event, you’re going to need a particular type of leather bag. If it’s a business trip or you’re commuting to work for the daily 9-5 you’re going to need a Leather documents folder or perhaps a briefcase. Whereas if you’re going traveling, exploring a new destination or out with friends and want to take a few essentials with you then you’re going to need a light and comfortable leather backpack. Then there’s those nights out where you want to look your best and make a statement, but don’t want anything too bulky, a Clutch bag fits the bill. 


Leather bags come in a range of colors, so customers can express their unique style. There is a Leather bag to suit any taste, from classic neutrals like polished black and sophisticated mahogany to vibrant shades of green, red and blue.

Why Choose Leather bags Over Synthetic leather bags?

A genuine leather handbag is a more high-end accessory that is both versatile and stylish. There are, however, many practical reasons why you should give serious consideration to making space in your closets for this particular item:

  • There are numerous styles and designs of leather handbags to suit all personalities and price ranges. Nowadays, you can find very reasonably priced, beautiful, high-quality leather handbags in most High Street stores and online. Remember to keep your eyes open to Brand and Design houses seasonal sales, making quality items more readily available to non-celebrity ordinary folk.

  • It may be a little daunting when you compare the price of a genuine leather handbag to that made from other materials. It is essential to realise that even a mid-range leather handbag will outlast most other materials twice. On average, a genuine leather handbag with luxurious and fine details will be with you for a minimum of ten to twelve years (10-12 years) without any special care. Plus, if you buy a premium full-grain leather handbag, it will be your companion bag for thirty (30) years and more! A fantastic investment and definitely worth what you pay.

  • Not only are leather handbags extremely durable, but most of them are also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. They can also withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and harsh sunlight without cracking, splitting or coming apart.

  • Leather is a natural product that means it ‘breathes’ and can, therefore, fight against dust mites, foul odour, and fungal attacks. Being a natural product, producing leather does not pollute the environment to the same extent as producing a synthetic or faux handbag.

  • Leather handbags are easy to clean and maintain, plus they do not stain as quickly as many other materials commonly used. A damp cloth with some hand soap will usually do the job for your more robust real leather bag. If you are nervous about cleaning your lovely leather handbag yourself (or if your handbag is made from calf leather, for example), many specialist leather cleaners will clean and treat your handbag for you at a not very scary cost.

  • Apart from being beautiful, stylish and durable, a leather handbag will also be more protective of your items as it is strong, plus your goodies inside your handbag won’t get wet if you are caught in a light rain shower or spill your drink on your bag. It will also be perfect for everyday use without showing wear and tear. One of the most impressive points of a leather handbag is that it gets better and better with age, looking more beautiful as the years go by.

  • Leather bags go further than handbags, it is important for you to note that you can find many quality products such as a leather laptop bag or leather navy blue couch, all made from leather of your choice.

  • There is not an “On leather fits all approach” many decide to opt for more natural material or synthetic leather! This will be due to morals or simply a recent trend!

Faux Leather Bags, Fake Leather and Quality Leather Bags!

Leather handbags have been used for centuries, for all of the reasons already listed and many more. Leather handbags have been considered status symbols, style indicators, and good taste. A leather handbag has just that extra something that will always draw attention.

Happily, genuine leather handbags are now much more available, and you can find yourself a gorgeous leather bag at a price that won’t break the bank. Without a doubt, buying a genuine leather handbag will reward you for years to come, and you can smile with satisfaction at how fabulous it makes you feel.

Remember that leather is made from animal skin and if that is not a route you want to go, you can opt for vegan leather or similar-looking synthetic material!

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