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Which type of leather is best for bags?

Which type of leather is best for bags? Leather handbags are undoubtedly high quality, prestigious and timeless accessories for all who want that finished look. However, a genuine leather handbag is an investment, so it’s a good idea to understand the different types of leather used and what to look for when you buy that […]

How Do I Choose a Leather Handbag?

How Do I Choose a Leather Handbag? This is a question many of us don’t even think to ask when we decide to purchase a new handbag. However, I discovered some essential points to consider, especially when buying a genuine leather handbag of good quality, as they will be with you for decades to come! […]

Is a Real Leather Bag Worth it?

Is a Real Leather bag worth it? Many of us have those images of glamorous Celebrities or the chic dress sense of women from Italy, France, Monaco and the rest of Europe and wonder if those leather looking bags are truly top grain leather, or if they are strutting around with non-leather bags! But, if […]

How to care for leather bag

Leather is luxury. There is no doubt that luxury comes with a price. Leather is no different. Seen as one of the most luxurious items on the market, leather products come at a steep price.  Why Choose Leather? Leather items come with so many benefits. Not only is leather long-lasting, but it’s also easily repairable. […]

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