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How Do I Choose a Leather Handbag?

This is a question many of us don’t even think to ask when we decide to purchase a new handbag. However, I discovered some essential points to consider, especially when buying a genuine leather handbag of good quality, as they will be with you for decades to come!

As any fashionista will know, sporting a distinctive leather handbag can give you serious street cred! Design Houses such as Chanel, Gucci, Yves St Laurent, and Prada all have distinctive leather handbag designs.

An important thing regarding choosing a leather bag will be an eco-friendly personal opinion! This is where most morals come into play – however, this is still an important factor to your overall purchasing selection!

Recognising Quality Leather Bags

If you are shopping in person and not online, you will first notice its distinctive feel and smell when handling a genuine leather item. It has a natural, slightly musty skin scent that cannot be faked. In addition, there will be a very slight rough feeling texture over the stitching and around the stitch holes. 

If you are shopping online, do your research, and preferably buy from a reputable and known Designer, High Street Brand or a specialist leather shop. 

Fake leather bags are usually of cheap quality and lower price!

Choosing Wisely

Did you know that your body type plays a role in choosing the leather handbag style you ultimately buy! We all want our handbags to compliment us and make us look fabulous.

For example, if you are tall, your handbag should end at your waistline, and if you are of shorter stature, your handbag will look best sitting above your hips – who knew!

Other considerations regarding your body type would be:

• If you are tall and slender, opt for a slouchy rounded handbag. It can add curves to your silhouette

• If you are short and slightly curvy, try a tall rectangular quality leather bag. A small leather bag can create an illusion of extra weight, and a large, bulky handbag will make you appear out of proportion.

• A petite person would look good with a rectangular clutch handbag

A real leather handbag is more than just accessories to us.

They are an essential everyday practical item, most of us carry our lives around in them, but we still want them to be beautiful and stylish. A leather handbag will be your companion for many years to come, it is a status symbol and a reflection of your style, so it is a good idea to take your time and find the perfect one for you. You can look at celebrities and their handbags online, watch fashion blogs or flip through magazines to see what you are attracted to.

Choosing a Quality Leather bag that Covers your Needs

Buying leather bags: 101 – Higher quality leather bags means more proper care techniques are needed!

After you have decided more or less on the style of handbag you like ( see the guide below), there are a few practical issues to consider, chiefly because a leather bag is not an inexpensive buy, and you would like to be using it for years to come. So set yourself a new handbag dreaming date, have a cappuccino; smoothie, a cup of tea or whatever makes you feel indulgent and mull over the following points:

• Decide what you are buying the handbag for – everyday use; date nights; work; social occasions; functions; travelling or a purpose personal and specific to you. At this point, it would also be wise to consider if you are looking for durability, good leather or low quality!

• Give thought to how much space you need – what will you be using the handbag for, purse; keys; phone; diary or make-up leather bag, and then imagine a little more space for things we forget such as sunglasses or chapstick.

• Do you like outside pockets, and what design feature appeals to you, such as zips, buttons or press studs.

• Do you find inside compartments and pockets useful? Would you like them open or zipped?

• Remember to be true to your personality and style. If you are a casual, relaxed dresser, don’t go for an overly designed or formal styled handbag.

• Consider which colour appeals to you and works with at least 70% of your outfits. Leather handbags come in various colours, from single colours to dyed multi-colour; plain to decorative or formal to esoteric. Do not immediately rule out a plain black or tan leather handbag, as these go with almost everything with the bonus of being elegant, timeless and seasonless. The tanning process of leather goods will determine the style and aesthetic of the piece!

Glossary of different Handbag names – Higher Price – New Releases

  • The Tote – An open-top leather bag with straps or handles

  • The Hobo – A crescent-shaped bag that is very soft and slouchy

  • The Duffle – A tall shoulder leather bag, often with a broader opening on top

  • The Field Bag – A Flap-top shoulder leather bag with utility-style closure such as chunkey snaps or buckles

  • The Clutch – A small handheld leather bag or a larger geometric shape that is tucked under the arm or carried in the hand

  • The Satchel – A large handheld bag, most often fairly structured and solid

  • The Baguette – This is a style made famous by Fendi and is a long rounded shoulder bag, resembling its French bread namesake

  • The Messenger Boy – A large, soft shoulder bag with a long strap that is worn across the body

  • The Cigar Box – A small boxy and hard bag, also known as a minaudiere

  • The Pouch – This is a trendy small, soft bag

  • The Kelly Bag – A classic Hermes style, named after Grace Kelly. Its unique design is large and structured with distinctive closures.

  • The Crossbody – An often mini-sized handbag to be worn across the body on a long strap or chain

All Things Leather bags!

A full-grain leather handbag may seem like an extravagant luxury, but it is the opposite in reality. Your quality leather handbag will last for perhaps three times longer than most other materials, it will be classic and timeless, plus now you have ideas on how to choose the perfect new leather handbag, handbags not your thing? There are many different leather products you can opt for of top grain leather! No Matter what the case – Be Bold! Be Brave! Flaunt your style with confidence!

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