How to Get Rid of Leather Smell

Everybody loves the smell of a new leather jacket or bag, but when that smell just won’t go away no matter how much you wear your item, it can be a bit of a problem.

Investing in leather goods is a great idea. It is worth every penny you invest in leather goods because they are long-lasting. Keeping your leather bag clean and maintaining it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Leather bags are easy to keep odour-free. Due to the differences in every leather hide, its breathability is also important. People who want to save money often purchase cheap leather bags.

As a result, the bag gets spoiled very easily. There is an answer to all your questions in this type of hiding. Each leather type has its own purpose, and there are several types of hides available on the market.

There are some easy and simple ways to get rid of the new leather smell without damaging your favourite items. Below are a few examples.

Let the Air Do Its Thing

The first thing you should try is simply letting your leather items air out for a few days in an open space with plenty of ventilation. The natural airflow should help dissipate the odour over time. If you’re in a hurry, then you can place your item outside in direct sunlight for an hour or two. Just make sure to watch it so it doesn’t overheat and warp!

Baking Soda Is Your Friend

If the air alone isn’t enough to rid your leather goods of their strong odour, then try sprinkling baking soda over them and letting it sit overnight. Baking soda is great at absorbing odours, so if the smell still lingers after this treatment, then you may need a stronger solution.

Fabric Softener Sheets Can Help Too

Fabric softener sheets are another great way to get rid of odours from leather items. Simply rub a sheet all over your item and leave it on overnight. This should help absorb any lingering smells while also leaving behind a light scent that will cover up any remaining odour molecules. The fabric softener sheets should also help condition the leather and make it easier to maintain in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take for the leather smell to go away?

If you have recently purchased a new leather item, you may be wondering how long it will take for the leather smell to go away.  The answer varies depending on the item in question and its humidity levels; generally speaking, it can take between one week and two months before the odour dissipates enough that it no longer lingers in the air around you.  

To speed this process along, airing out your leather goods regularly can help reduce both its intensity and rate of decay over time. Taking proactive steps to maintain freshness can help ensure that you avoid any lingering smoky odours in the future.

Does real leather always smell?

Does real leather always smell? This is a question that has been asked for decades, and opinions vary greatly. While many people believe that genuine leather does have a distinct scent, others maintain that it does not have any odour at all. 

The truth is that the smell of leather depends on several different factors, including the tanning process used to create the hide and the amount of time that it has been used. Additionally, new pieces of leather will usually give off a stronger aroma than older items, which can be due to the presence of chemicals or waxes in them. Ultimately, while some types of real leather may emit an aroma detectable to most people, not all kinds will necessarily do so.

How can you tell real leather from fake?

Get a feel for the texture. The quality and type of leather can determine whether it feels coarse or smooth. It is likely that the product is fake if it feels too smooth or like plastic. Natural leather is also less consistent in texture because it is more difficult to regulate than synthetic leather.Natural leather is also less consistent in texture because it is more difficult to regulate than synthetic leather.


No one likes having their leather items ruined by an overpowering new leather smell, but luckily there are some simple and easy ways to get rid of that pesky odour without damaging your favourite pieces! 

Whether you let them air out naturally or opt for one of these other options such as baking soda or fabric softener sheets, getting rid of that new leather smell is surprisingly easy once you know what steps to take! So don’t let smelly leather keep you from wearing what you love – give one (or all!) of these methods a go today!

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